(a quick assortment of a few highlights)








3-D MONSTERS and Freakshow Burlesque!





WEST COAST THEATRICAL PREMIERE!!!  Two night Donald F. Glut film festival!






There have been many assorted MIDNIGHT TRAILER MARATHON shows over the years, done in the style of the old "Spook Frolic" shows that were popular during the 50's -70's.  Making a big comeback, audiences eat-'em-up!




Sid Terror did a week with old friend HARLAN ELLISON at Quentin Tarrentino's New Beverly Cinema in Hollywood.  Harlan is considered one of the greatest living writers (and screenwriters) of Science-Fiction and Speculative Fiction.



A double-feature of two films that had recently been the inspiration for remakes, THE LAST MAN ON EARTH (remade as I AM LEGEND) and NIGHTMARE CITY (remade as PLANET TERROR).




Another in the popular traveling MIDNIGHT HORROR SHOW series, with the Horror classic NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.





Sid hosted Academy Award nominated screenwriter Josh Olson who chose a weeks worth of his own favorite films at Quentin Tarrentino's New Beverly Theater.




A Halloween Extravaganza featuring Cult and 3-D films!




A Classic Double-Bill that had not played together in Los Angeles since they had first been released in 1957 brought the Classic film fanatics out in droves!



Sid Terror is a name that has enough of a draw on it's own (due to his being both the singer of the seminal Horror Punk band SID TERROR'S UNDEAD and being a respected film historian in his own right) that several shows featuring a suprise unnamed movie have been done with only his name being used as a draw.







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